WarDog OWB Paddle Holsters

The WARDOG is BlackDog Concealment’s custom line of outside-the-waistband Kydex paddle holsters. This all American-made holster is made of .080 Kydex T.

The paddle is injection molded with a curve that makes it very comfortable. It is made from black nylon 66, has 2 points of contact and will fit belts up to 2 inches. The retention of this WarDog holster is fully adjustable with 2 screws. The cant is also adjustable from 20 degrees positive to 20 degrees negative cant, making this holster ideal for wearing strong side or cross draw. Cross draw is ideal for someone that is seated much of the day, driving or behind a desk. There is a choice of 2 sweat guards, tall or medium.

This paddle holster rides high and tight to the body. The paddle is worn inside your pants. It is very stable yet easy to put on and take off by rotating the holster. Because of the level 1 retention, the pistol will be safely secured in the holster, keeping the trigger guard covered while on and off the body. There is no need to remove the gun when removing the holster. This is a great option for people that need to put on and take off their weapon throughout the day. Because the holster is made of Kydex, it weighs less than 4 ounces. The mouth of the holster stays open, making it easy to reholster with 1 hand. The holster is molded with a tall sight channel. It has room for after-market sights. If you have suppressor height sights, contact us, and we will customize the holster to fit.

Try it for 30 days; and if you are not 100% satisfied, return it for a full refund, no questions asked. All of our products are backed by a lifetime warranty. We normally ship within 7 working days. All orders are shipped via USPS at a flat rate of $6.95.

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