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Love the way it fits!

I’ve been using my BlackDog gear for almost six months now. I love the way it fits and carries. My old rig doesn’t even get a second glance any more. This is a great product at the best price on the market.


This is the best holster I’ve ever owned!! (OWB guard dog) This makes even a heavier pistol such as a full-size 1911 a dream to carry. It might look as though there is extra material on either side of the pistol but don’t let this fool you. It spreads the weight out on the belt way better than any other holster. It sits the pistol up nice and high putting the grip in the pocket between my hip and lower rib making concealment and comfort top-notch! It’s nice to see a product this nice offered at such a reasonable price.


Great holster! Perfect fit and finish! Thanks.


The 1911 holster was delivered. It was actually a Christmas gift for a friend of mine, a corrections officer. He told me to tell you that you make one excellent holster. He carries a full size 1911 in a Bladetech holster everyday and told me that for the moment he sees no reason why this BlackDog holster will not become his new EDC holster. He likes the extra width it offers and that it rides higher. I do carry as well and my Glock 17 holster works like a charm. I really like the closeness of it as it seems to conform to my side.


By far the best I’ve tried!

I just received my OWB holster and double mag carrier. I’ve got to say this is by far the best concealed carry holster I’ve tried. It holds my Walther PPQ nice and tight and both the holster and mag carrier hug my body perfectly and are easily concealable. Thanks for a great product, fast shipment, and outstanding customer service.


I bought one of your OWB holsters a few weeks back for my Glock 19. I really like the way it conceals my Glock 19 under a loose t-shirt. Living in Florida, I wanted something light weight and something that would support the weight of the Glock in a comfortable manner. Most importantly it needed to conceal my Glock without the need of a lot of thick clothing due to our warm year round weather. Your holster does everything I wanted and for a great price.


I received my holster a couple days ago for my Ruger SR 9C and have been wearing it everywhere. I just want to tell you guys it is the best holster I own. Very close to the body and very comfortable, very concealable. I absolutely love it!!!


I’m a hard SOB to impress, but this holster impresses me. WOW, definitely will buy more for different models later. I’m going to sell the other holsters I have.


Thanks for a great holster!

Hey thanks for the great holster. I work in North Carolina as a police officer as well as in the Middle East as a security contractor. This product is great with a fair price. I’ll be putting an order in for several more holsters as well as mag holsters. I’m spreading the word in my circle.


The holster is awesome! It’s made very well. I just got home today, and I’m wearing it before I even unpack my bags! I’m very impressed!


I’m now exclusively using your holsters for competition use…


Thanks for the great service. By the way this has to be the most comfortable off-duty holster I’ve ever worn. Rides close to the body and the way it is curved rides nice on the side.


The holster fits perfectly! It actually conceals better than my crossbreed holster for my pa-63. Thanks. Job well done!